Musica Spectacular

Delius have been given the wonderful opportunity of taking part in the ‘Musica Spectacular’ which is a concert organised for special schools. The Delius signing choir will preforming as part of this concert. Your child is a member of the ‘signing choir’ and we would like your consent for them to take part. This is a fantastic opportunity for our ‘signing choir and an event that the pupils will thoroughly enjoy.

The concert is taking place on Monday 8th April at St George’s hall Bradford.

The concert starts at 6.30pm but doors will be open from 6.00pm and will finish at approx. 8.30pm.

We would love as many parents, family and friends as possible to attend the concert and tickets are available through school at a cost of £6.00 per adult and £4.00 per child or OAP. If you do attend, you can take your child home with you, otherwise they will need to be collected from inside St George’s Hall at 8.30pm.

There may be media and TV present at the event.

Yours sincerely

Sally Joy

Head Teacher

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