School Clubs

Lunch time Club – Higher Achievers

On Thursday, Higher Achievers pupils participate in a Maths lunch time club focussing on Shape Space and Measure.  The pupils take part in various number songs and then explore different shapes in the Courtyard.  Some additionally look at 3D shapes and their properties.

After School Club – Cooking

What do you do?

  • We provide pupils with a voice, allowing them to choose the recipes from our carefully selected recipe book.
  • We cook! Our recipe book includes foods such as: smoothies, quick quiches, tortilla pizzas, cake decorating and healthy flapjack.
  • We teach pupils about keeping clean and why we wash our hands when dealing with food.
  • Have lots of fun! Often with pupils becoming a DJ and choosing the music to play in the background.

Who is it for?

Cooking club is fun and versatile and can be tailored to meet the needs of all involved.

It can be a sensory experience; focusing on feeling and tasting different flavours and textures to expand experiences.

It can have a life skills focus, teaching pupils how to use different equipment and remain safe within a kitchen environment.

Finally, it can just have a socialising focus, enabling pupils to have fun with their peers in stimulating and fun environment.

When is it?

The club takes place between 3:00 and 3:45 each Thursday and parents are required to pick their children up from school afterwards. Consent letters will be sent out at the end of each term for the following term. Depending on the level of response, pupils will be given either the first or second half term in that term.


School Calendar for Parents 2019-2020

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