Delius School Council

“We don’t just write the changes, we make the changes”

25th January 2018

Well done to the Delius student council, they successfully took part in the UK Parliament week, holding elections and have gained certificates from the Houses of Parliament!!

13th November 2017 – UK Parliament Week

Delius has enrolled into the Houses of Parliament and to mark this event we are holding our student council elections. Elections will take place in each class and a student from each will be elected to be on the school council.


What are the roles and responsibilities of council members?

The Delius School Council meet every half term to consider all aspects of school life that affect the pupils, staff and the learning that takes place. The council help take the views of pupil colleagues through a variety of means. They are helped by members of the teaching staff who support them in communication and actions.

The pupils on the Delius school council were elected by fellow pupils. Together the council communicate their ‘likes and dislikes’ at school, suggestions for areas such as outdoor play areas, their preferred meal choices at lunch time and even what they like or dislike about the School Improvement Plan.

The school council begin by discussing the importance of democracy and respecting each other views beliefs and opinions. And how these are Fundamental British Values.

The school council also have a song!

These are some of the identified actions that the Delius School Council may consider in the next school year:

  • Parent and child clubs
  • Better improved
  • More educational visits

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