Creative Curriculum

Core Principles

  • The EYFS framework is used across school
  • Pupils working below P4 will use the EYFS framework for all subjects plus ‘Sounds of Intent’ for music. ‘Quest for learning’ and PIVATS will be used for assessment
  • Pupils working at P4 and above will use the EYFS framework for all subjects the new National Curriculum is incorporated into the document and PIVATS will be used for assessment
  • EYFS objectives have been colour coded to link to P levels e.g. red band is EYFS 0-11 months and P1i to P3i
  • Each class uses the band which is best suited to the majority of their pupils’ levels. If there are significant differences and will hinder pupils progress objectives may be taken from different bandings
  • Differentiation across Key Stages will be linked to different topics. Themes will ensure breadth of coverage across different subjects
  • Using and Applying is now to be incorporated into all maths lessons as stated within the new curriculum therefore there will be no separate objectives for this area of learning
  • Leaders of Learning use the ‘Musical Skills Coverage’ sheet to ensure key skills are taught
  • RE is covered using the Bradford agreed curriculum guidance
  • PE is focused on the theme prescribed by the PE co-ordinator but objectives taken from EYFS scheme
  • There may be stand alone areas of learning incorporated within some themes throughout the year to ensure breadth of coverage, for example, E-safety. Within the EYFS framework individual subjects are not named within the seven areas of learning and therefore must be identified by ourselves e.g. Geography is found in Understanding the World, but can also be found in other areas e.g. PSE.

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