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Nursery 1 times are 8.55am – 3pm on a Monday and Tuesday and 8:55 – 11:30am on a Wednesday

Nursery 2 times are 12:30pm – 3pm on a Wednesday and 8:55 – 3pm on a Thursday and Friday



Charlotte is the class teacher for nursery one and works Monday pm-Wednesday am within nursery. Charlotte is also the senior school assistant head and trained to deal with medical needs of the children including first aid.

Adele is currently the leader of learning for nursery two and works Monday – Friday, assisting Charlotte at the beginng of the week in nursery one. Adele is a first aider and is also trained in other medical interventions.

Lindsay works across nursery Monday-Friday as a teaching assistant and is trained in first aid aswell as other medical interventions.

Mumtaz supports nursery covering PPA and working with nursery 2. Mumtaz is the schools parental involvement officer (PIO), and can assist you with any issues if required.

Our topic this term is “Nursery Rhymes.”

In communication we are exploring resources related to nursery rhymes and singing a range of nursery rhymes to discover which are our favourites.
Our musical sensory story is “The wheels on the bus.” We have lots of exciting resources from water spray for the wipers to bells and snoring daddy’s! The children let us know which is their favourite prop, reacting through reaching, smiling and voacalising.

In maths we are focusing on a different part of our story each week, for example wipers, then using different media to explore these resources in, such as sand, foam, gel and water. We are enjoying these weekly activites as we like to get messy!

Art is also a little messy. In the art area we focus on developing our physical and personal social development (PSD) skills. Again we are looking at a different aspect of the story each week. From making tracks with cars in paint to exploring shaving foam, each week is very different!

We are developing our physical and PSD skills throughout our weekly rebound and swimming sessions. Rebound is lots of fun singing transport themed songs. We particularly like the song driving in our car and bouncing over the bumps!
In swimming we are enjoying songs such as sleeping bunnies and dingle dangle scarecrow where we do lots of splashing and kicking and jumping with our adult in the pool. We are welcoming parents to the sessions too to share their childs wonderful swimming experience. So far we have had a lot of happy parents, feel free to ask Charlotte or Adele about joining in.

Our outdoor provision is used daily and provides similar learning experiences outside in the fresh air. Please ensure your child brings a suitable coat to school as we are fortunate enough to be able to access our outdoor provision in all weathers due to having roofed shelter.




Parents are welcome to join our swimming sessions on a Tuesday afternoon and a Friday morning. Ask Charlotte or Adele  for any more information.

Come to our Meet the team day on Wednesday 11th October. Book an appointment with Charlotte or Adele for fun filled sessions in the classroom and a chance to meet other professionals visiting school.

Delius is holding a Bonfire party and disco on Thursday 2nd Novemeber 6.00-7.30pm, come along if you can!


We ask that you sing lots of nursery rhymes with your child and do let us know which one’s they prefer at home!
As our musical story is Wheels on the bus, are you able to go on a bus journey? What sounds do you hear and what can you see?
Very soon we will be sending home “Autumn bags” for you and your child to go and collect autumnal objects. This could be leaves from the garden or conkers from the park. We would love to see your photographs too.




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