Class Thirteen

Welcome back to school everyone!

The children have settled back into routines well after the summer.

The staff in class 13 are:

Rachel Randles – Class teacher (Tuesday-Friday)

Theresa Wraith – Class teacher (Monday-Wednesday)

Jayne Turner – HLTA

Rose Walker  – SNTA

Katie Shuttleworth- SNTA

Faye Fawlinson – SNTA


This half term our activities focus around the theme of people who help us.  We are looking at the seaside and people who help keep us safe such as lighthouse keepers and life guards.







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We will be sending home a pack for you to create your own octopus, make  a lighthouse and make a boat.

Please send any photos of your child engaged in the activities to the address below.


We would love to hear from you. If you have anything about your child you would like to share (including photos) please contact us.


School Calendar for Parents 2019-2020

Please click here to view the school calendar for 2019-2020

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