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Welcome to Reception

This term we are learning all about ‘The Farm’.

We are exploring this through multi-sensory experiences within our classroom.

Our story this term is ‘Mrs Wishy-Washy’s farm’.  We look at the animals and their environments through various songs and exploration, and have lots of fun cleaning the animals in water.

The story leads us into our continuous provision, which is changed each week into different activities around communication, physical development, thinking and PSD.  This gives them an opportunity to play within the different areas and lead their own learning.


We have lots of fun sessions throughout the week, including Rebound, Swimming, Gamelan and Soft Play.

We even get to go on a weekly trip to Morrisons on Fridays.

This term, we will be attending a real farm to see what it is like where the farm animals live.


You can help your child to learn by:

Giving them some fantastic real life experiences linking to the 50 things to do before your 5 programme in Bradford.

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