Class Five

Class 5

In Class 5 we have a class of 6 pupils and 4 staff.  To meet the needs of our children we have a daily structured routine:

-Morning (washing face, brushing hair and brushing teeth)

– Breakfast if children would like to have some

– Exercise

-choosing areas and work box, tac pac speaking and listening through instruments

-literacy sessions and class story

In the afternoons, we have:

-maths and sensory science

-creative curriculum (PE, Art and Design, RE and Cooking)

Class 5 Autumn term 2018

It’s great to be back at school in our new class 5 with our new children. We want all our children to settle into our class and learn our routines. We will use symbols and signing to help the pupils to settle.

Our topic in class 5 is: Egypt

Summer 1 – 2018

Our topic in class 5 is Egypt

  • In literacy our story is called “We’re going on a Mummy hunt ”  We will listen to and join in with the story. We will explore different props linked to the different places the mummy goes.
  • In Maths we will be using cooking room to make Jam tarts using different containers, recourses.
  • In science we are using different materials like shaving foam, corn flour and slime to search for objects linked to Egypt.
  • In PSD we are making relationships with peers and staff communicating what they like and dislike.
  • In PE we exploring the hall by moving in different ways and using athletic equipment.
  • In RE we will be learning about making right choices and answering yes or no.
  • Special days are Wednesday afternoon in swimming

Autumn 2018

Homework within class 5 is based on the ’50 things to do before you’re 5’ initiative. It focuses on the development of children’s speech, language and communication skills. Pupils will take part in the weekly activity during our class ‘homework’ time, but we would also like families to join in with the fun too!

This week your homework is Making a Mark.

Suggested activities include use paint brushes and rollers to make marks on different surfaces outside. Dip them in water.

Buy soap paint and make marks on self when having a bath.


Debs, B, Tracy, Abby. Class 5 team

Please send any photos or work to school via E mail

Leader of Learning email address:

Link Governor



In Literacy, we are learning about what noises animals make from the Lion King i.e. hyenas, lions, birds and giraffes.

In RE we are learning about Sacred places and where people pray.

In PE we are learning about Dance and we are working on ribbons, pom poms, hoops, jumping and balancing.

In PSE we are learning about interacting and working with others. We are learning about how to make recipes for our Great British Bake Off activity!


On Mondays, we go swimming in the afternoon.




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