Class Three

Welcome to Class 3!

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Our topic this term is ‘Music Through The Ages’.

  • In Literacy we will be using our signs, symbols and key words to differentiate between musical instruments that we hear, we will then add these instruments into stories. We are also changing well known songs and rhymes to make them our own!
  • In Maths we are learning to join in with number rhymes and count how many instruments there are using one to one correspondence using our fingers as a counting tool.
  • In Science we are learning about plants and living things. We will firstly be learning what plants need to grow and the functions of the different parts of a plant during indoor and outdoor lessons. We will then be learning about different habitats and plants around the globe.
  • In our Creative Curriculum we are exploring and playing different instruments and dressing up through the eras of: 40’s, 60’s, 80’s and 2000’s. Here we are focussing on interacting with each other and getting to know our class mates.
  • In PE we are working on combining a sequence of dance actions together and following to instructions. In swimming we will be continuing work on getting dressed independently and water confidence

Our famous musicians so far:

40’s: Swing


Meet the Team Day: 11th October



At the end of each week we will send home a reading book with your child’s reading target. Please return the reading and homework book each Monday for a new book to be sent home at the end of the week. Thank you.



Christmas Dinner & Christmas Jumper Day – Thursday 14th December

All children and staff will enjoy Christmas dinner together on Thursday 14th December and we will also be wearing our Christmas Jumpers.  Please can we

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