Class Thirteen

Welcome back to school everyone!

The children have settled back into routines well this half term.

The staff in class 13 are:

Shreen Mushtaq – Class teacher (Monday pm Wednesday and Friday)

Mumtaz Butt – HLTA (Monday am Thursday)

Cathy Alred  – SNTA (Monday – Friday)

Michelle Downing – SNTA (Monday – Friday)

Beth Edwards – SNTA (Tuesday  – Friday)

Rabia Khan – SNTA (Monday and Tuesday 9:15 – 2:15)

This half term our activities focus around the theme of numbers and counting in the environment. Our literacy story is Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. We are using lots of resources and symbols to help the children engage in the story by counting, signing and anticipating what happens next. We have had fun trying on a Goldilocks wig and looking at ourselves in the mirror.

During our Continuous Provision we are exploring porridge oats, filling and emptying different sized bowls. We have a greengrocer’s shop where we can practise our counting  by buying and selling using coins and a till. We are also getting messy, ripping and sticking to create papier mache money boxes.

In our Tacpac session, we enjoy listening to money-themed songs whilst tapping our bodies with different textured props.

Everyday we start school singing Hello to each other and say how we are feeling. We all have individual targets for this lesson.

We are also doing our learning around school using our wonderful facilities. Monday we have PE in the hall, Tuesday we go to Gamelan for our RE lesson. This term we are doing Special Places and learning about the church. Tuesday we also go to the Sensory Room, Wednesday we go swimming, Thursday we go to Soft Play and every Friday we have a themed assembly where we celebrate birthdays and stars of the week.

We begin our afternoon with learning to brush our teeth.

We have some choosing time to access classroom provision independently or with support and before coming home we do Phonics. This involves listening to sounds copying the sounds and trying to identify the sounds. For example everyday sounds may be listening to a mobile phone ring and we choose the right symbol or find the object.

We keep to our routines as much as possible so that the children feel safe and understand how their day goes.

If you want to speak to us, please call any time  and you are welcome to join us in class any time.





World Book Day- Thursday 1st March 2018

Spring Fayre- Saturday 24th March



To support our theme of Numbers in the Environment, could you make opportunities to count with your child in your home, or out and about? For example this could be objects, people, cars, or looking for numbers when you are shopping at the supermarket

Please send any photos of your child engaged in the activities to the address below.


We would love to hear from you. If you have anything about your child you would like to share (including photos) please contact us.


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