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This term, Class 7’s topic is ‘Famous Artists‘.  We will be focusing on the artist ‘Roy Lichtenstein’ who is famous for his pop art paintings.

We are exploring this particular artist in different ways; focusing lots on superheroes and comics within Literacy, using different tools in art to create similar work to Lichtenstein and being involved in various pop art activities in continuous provision.

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In Numeracy, Class 7 are learning about number and counting through PE activities – number songs, relays and skittle games.

We are also taking part in small group activities in Shape, Space and Measure, such as; ice paints, physical games and monster shapes.

In Literacy, we have been focusing on Superheroes.  We have been taking part in the sensory story ‘Superhero School’, using our writing skills by drawing round our friends and painting them as Superheroes and using listening and speaking skills during Superhero PE activities.

In Science, Class 7 have been exploring ‘light and dark’, by creating their own lava lamps and exploring the dark tent with torches.

Our RE lesson this term is focused on ‘Our World’, where we use the interactive Magic Carpet to explore the world we live in.On a weekly basis, Class 7 spend time making delicious food in the cooking room, playing music in the soft play area, bouncing in the rebound room and socialising with each other during continuous provision.

Class 7 participate in cooking activities every Thursday morning, which we then get to taste in the afternoon.

We additionally share lessons with other classes to build relationships and socialise with others.


On Tuesday mornings, we go swimming in three separate groups.

On a Wednesday afternoon, Class 7 go to Morrisons to complete our PSD lesson.



Things you could do at home with your child:

Read and look at various comics or superhero stories

Look at some of Roy Lichtenstein’s work with your child

Use different resources and tools i.e. paints, colouring pencils, felt tips to create a painting

Sing number songs together

Go for a walk and look at all the different things we have in our world

Listen to different types of music together


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