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Class 1 autumn term 2017

It’s great to be back at school in our new class 1 with our new children and 3 pupils from last year. We want all our children to settle into our class and learn our routines. We will use symbols and signing to help the pupils to settle.

Our topic in class 1 is:  Nursery rhymes.

  • In literacy our story is called “Nursery rhymes.” We are going to listen to and join in with songs and actions linked to familiar rhymes. We will explore different props. We will be using Makaton signs and symbols to help identify the different songs.
  • In Maths we will be using the play room to find stars and put them into different containers. We will also be printing to number rhymes and in cooking we are counting through the exploration of different fruits.
  • In science we are looking at different sounds by exploring musical instruments while we play to songs on the smart board.
  • In PSD we are making relationships with peers and staff through musical activities we love the water spray game.
  • In PE we exploring the hall by moving in different ways and joining in with circle dances.
  • In RE we will be learning our friend’s names, and what music and toy is special to us.


Special days. Tuesday afternoon using cooking room

Wednesday morning is swimming.

Friday  morning after October half term trip to parks and cafes.


You can help your child to learn by:

Singing nursery rhymes and doing actions with them eg. Miss Polly had a dolly

Using key symbols with your child. We will send some home.

These are the Board Maker Symbols we will be using with your child.

Please send any photos or work to school via E mail



Autumn 2017


Our topic this term is “Nursery rhymes”

We would like you to share different nursery rhymes with your child and then see if they have a favourite from a choice of 2. Use symbols we send home.

We would like you to tell us your child’s favourite song and toy which we will then use for a power point and display link to RE.

We would like to see photos of your child doing their homework.

If possible, please email homework photo to:



Debs, Sarah, Steph, Debbie, Diane. Class 1 team.





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