Class Five

Class 5

In Class 5 we have a class of 8 pupils and 4 staff.  To meet the needs of our children we have a daily structured routine:

-morning exercise

-hello and breakfast

-choosing areas and work box

-literacy sessions and class story

In the afternoons, we have:

-maths and sensory science

-creative curriculum (PE, Art and Design, RE and Cooking)

Leader of Learning email address:

Link Governor



In Literacy, we are learning about what noises animals make from the Lion King i.e. hyenas, lions, birds and giraffes.

In RE we are learning about Sacred places and where people pray.

In PE we are learning about Dance and we are working on ribbons, pom poms, hoops, jumping and balancing.

In PSE we are learning about interacting and working with others. We are learning about how to make recipes for our Great British Bake Off activity!


On Mondays, we go swimming in the afternoon.




Ladies Only Fashion Show 24th Nov 2017 19:00 – 21:00

This is a Friends of Delius Charity Event to help raise money for extra curricular activities and resources for the children of Delius Special School.

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