Committees and Named Governors

Named Governors 2018-19

Chair of Full Governing Body – Sally Birkbeck (Elected 16-10-17)

Vice Chair of Full Governing Body – Jodie Crabtree (Elected 16-10-17)

Named and link governors are responsible for:

  • Keeping up to date with the area of interest, and attending relevant training
  • Making focused visits to school
  • Acting as a link between the relevant operational lead and the governing body, by meeting regularly to discuss the area of interest
  • Monitoring the implementation of relevant policies, and discussing their impact with the staff member
  • Ensuring the governing body receives regular reports on the area of interest

Governors Code of Practice

Effectiveness of Leadership & Management
Leadership & Management – Sally Birkbeck
Engaging with Families – Jodie Crabtree

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare, including Safeguarding
Attendance – Sally Birkbeck
Behaviour & TeamTeach – Jean Kellett
Health & Safety – Jodie Crabtree
Safeguarding, Child Protection and PREVENT – Sally Birkbeck
Equalities Governor – Sally Birkbeck
Children Looked After – Sally Birkbeck

Quality of Teaching, Learning & Assessment
Quality of Teaching, Learning & Assessment – Sally Birkbeck

Outcome for Pupils
Outcome for Pupils – TBA
Pupil Premium / PE & Sport Premium – TBA
Special Educational Needs – Sally Birkbeck

Early Years Foundation Stage
Early Years Foundation Stage – Jean Kellett


Governing Body Committees 2017-18

Associate members are able to vote at Committee, but not Governing Board, meetings.

Finance & General Purposes Committee

The Finance and General Purposes Committee has delegated responsibility for staffing issues, the management of the school budget (which is agreed by the full Governing Body each year), the physical environment of the school and health and safety issues.

Sally Birkbeck (Chair)

Jodie Crabtree(Vice Chair)
Rob Cameron (Associate)
Sally Joy
Jean Kellett

Finance & General Purposes Terms of Reference

Teaching & Learning Committee

Jodie Crabtree
Jean Kellett
Emma Hardaker (Associate)
Cathy Alred
Peter Edwards (Chair)
Sarah McCall

Teaching & Learning Terms of Reference

Pay Committee

Jean Kellett
Sally Birkbeck
Jodie Crabtree
(3 of 4 to attend)

Head Teacher’s Performance Management Panel
Sally Birkbeck
Jean Kellett
Jodie Crabtree

Strategy Working Group (governors)
Sally Birkbeck
Jean Kellett
Parent Governor

Staff Discipline, Dismissal, Grievance, Appeals
Membership drawn from governors with no prior knowledge of the matter

Performance Management Appeals
Membership drawn from governors with no prior knowledge of the matter

The Toy Library will be in school again on Thursday 27th September 2018 at 9:30am until 11.30am.

The Bradford Toy Library is a charity offering free loan of specialist toys and play equipment to children with additional needs, to aid their development

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